Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spun Out

10/3 30 min spin 45 min yoga

We did another spinning class at SYNCStudio.  This one was half spinning and half yoga.  Online registration showed the class to be mostly empty, but when we arrived the only pair of bikes available were on the front row next to the instructor.  This sucked extra bad, as I was the only dude in the whole class.  I struggled to keep in rhythm with the instructor, but we survived the class.  As long as my back feels good lifting this week, I'll continue to work in a few spin classes.  The vinyasa portion of the class was a nice change of pace and my back felt ok.  I still don't like doing all the forward folds, but I think my back is doing better with them.

I will be getting in some of the ninjafit classes this week and maybe a few Anusara classes, as well.  I think this should keep me in decent shape without being able to run.

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