Sunday, October 10, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

10/10/10 nothing

Today I took it easy.  Cooked my quinoa for the week in the rice cooker with some sweet potatoes in the steamer rack.  I used the brown rice instructions for adding water last time.  This time I used the white rice instructions and it's definitely made the texture much firmer.  I'm not sure which style I like better.  I made 4 cups this time, so 1 more cup from last week.  Made omelets with deli turkey and cheese for the +1 and myself.  Also got some groceries for the week.  Cooked some salmon on the Foreman for dinner.  This is my first time doing a salmon fillet on the new Foreman and I overcooked it.  I tried a last minute marinade of honey and a fresh orange.

My foot is still not right, but my gait is getting better each day.  I'm still taking the diclofenac and I think I will for the next week.  I did work the legs and feet over with The Stick and my Foam Roller.  I guess this counts as something, as I was pouring with sweat after working out all the knots.  This week is 5,4,3,2,1 on the weights, so I'll be trying to hit some new max outs.  I'd also like to get in two ninjafits, yogas and spinning classes.  I figure with my forced layoff in less than three weeks (Mexico), I should try and peak.  I'm not talking about competition level, but I haven't tried to push myself like I used to in a long time.

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