Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too Busy to Post

10/20 lift power clean 2x225 deadlift 2x365 plus 2 sets of 55lb dumbell incline curls and 3 sets of incline dumbells press working up a 10x80lb set.

Not bad progress, as both the core lifts are using the weight I singled last week.  The deadlift is still in my head pretty bad, but I haven't hurt my back yet...I think this is my longest stretch with reinjuring the back.  I've been so busy trying to sort out holiday plans I nearly forgot to write up a post.  Not much else to report.  I did nothing on Tuesday.  I need to hit the afternoon yoga and the spin class tomorrow, unless I'm out chasing the +1 on my bike (which is a good possibility).  If that's the case, I will need to really push hard the whole time, as I really need some brutal cardio.

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