Friday, October 8, 2010

Tired Legs

10/8 lift squat 5x255 bench press 4x225 (needed an assist on the 5th one, as I was uneven at the bottom and hit the stops, throwing off my alignment)  pull-ups and dips

My upper glutes and quads already felt swollen and sore from the lunges and burpees yesterday.  I couldn't believe how heavy each set of squats felt.  I had to do breathing squats once we got over 200lbs.  I don't know how my lower body has gotten so weak, but we still moved up 5lbs on the squat and 10lbs on the bench.  I think my foot is feeling a little better today.  I'll be interested to see if spinning on Saturday makes it sore again.  I think I might wear my mountain bike shoes.

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