Monday, October 11, 2010

All Mixed Up

10/11 lift box squat 2x325 (failed 335) towel bench 1x280 dumbell snatches 4x100 and pull-ups +40lbs

I made good on my promise to get 4 reps of snatches on each side with the 100 pounder.  I also successfully added 5lbs to my towel bench max.  My box squat was up, but still no where near what it should be.  For comparison's sake, my lifting partner did 410 for his single, which means if I hadn't hurt my back, I would be doing at least that much.  I still don't have the feeling of stability in my core I had before my back injury.  I hope this comes back with time, as I think it keeps my body from firing on all cylinders on back related lifts.

This week is going to be all mixed up, as we are doing the power cleans and deadlifts tomorrow.   My lifting partner is out of town on Friday, so I think we will do Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for lifts.  I've also signed up for a spin class already.  So, my plan for Wednesday will be ninjafit and yoga.  Thursday weights and ninjafit.  When we made these plans I think he was trying to avoid lifting on Thursday, but I hope I'm wrong, as I really don't want to try and do max outs on 3 days in a row!

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