Saturday, October 16, 2010

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10/15 just work

Since we did our Friday workout on Thursday, I didn't do anything today outside of regular work.  I think I should devote this post to something of use, so I'm going to talk a little about my gluten free diet.  I have celiac disease that was caught fairly early and it's been a real blessing in disguise.  I used to eat this clean, but slowly, over the last few years, I drifted away from it.  This made the transition to gluten free eating relatively painless for me and I have added motivation to eat clean (so I don't feel ill).

big ole bowl of quinoa w/ raisins or banana & walnuts (sometimes honey or maple syrup)
whole avocado
2 hard boiled eggs

carrots and/or sweet peppers
string cheese stick
berries or piece of fruit
2 corn tortillas with turkey and apple butter

sweet potato
lean protein (burger, chicken breast, fish etc)
frozen veggies (things like peas, brussels sprouts, corn, greenbeans

There are plenty of days I don't eat this clean.  Dinner is the big offender, and sometimes gluten free desserts sneak into the house...  The main adjustments I've made from a more traditional clean diet are the addition of the quinoa and the corn tortillas instead of bread for my sandwiches.  The quinoa is easily cooked in a rice cooker.  I realize there are better rice cookers out there, but I've had this one for 15+ years and it's still going strong.  Yes, I actually asked for a rice cooker for Christmas...  I've learned to cook it using the brown rice instructions instead of the white rice ones, which softens the texture a bit (more water).  For eggs, we use our toaster which can hard boil up to four eggs at a time.  I haven't dusted off my bread maker yet, as I'm worried about trying to clean out all the gluten from loaves past.  I have the original Trillium Breadman, it's so old I can't even find a picture online.  You can see it on the cover of The Breadman's Healthy Bread Book.  I think I made just about every recipe in this book back in the day.  I have fond memories of having a slice of fresh bread I made before heading out the door to wait for the school bus, so I was definitely under, I must have been a weird kid.  I use a Foreman 360 Grill to cook lean proteins, gluten free pancakes and grilled cheese.  If anyone has a question about my diet, which I call "eating clean for lazy people," please leave a comment.  I'd be happy to help with any celiac related questions, as well.

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  1. Wow you are a dork. What 15 year old has a bread maker and a rice cooker. You should have been eating Totinos pizza and Pop Tarts like the rest of us.