Friday, October 1, 2010


Ok, it's official, I seriously messed up my foot.  I can no longer walk normally without excruciating pain on the push off of every step.  I now walk flat footed on my left side, which results in a nice Igor style limp.  I can flex my foot up and walk on tip toes without much pain, but the push off from full extension is like being stabbed with a knife around the back sides of my heel.  I'm not sure if it's just the tendons on either side of the achilles or more stuff is going on.  Looks like I won't be trying to run for a week or so. I plan to keep taking the NSAIDs and work around it.  I hope I can learn from this one.  One of my biggest training goals, right now, is consistency.  It's something I have felt I've lacked in the past few years and an area that makes the biggest difference in long term results.  I need to realize consistency at all costs is not the best way.  There is a fine line between pushing through to the other side and drowning on the way there.  I think I pushed too hard this time.  Now I need to practice consistency in my other training and my rehabilitation

Lift 10/1 squat 3x260 bench press 3x235 

Also did the pull-ups with 40lbs, up from 35lbs for the new month.  We swapped the overhead presses for dips, as they seem to be more applicable to the obstacle course based training.  We used the same 40lbs on the belt this time.  It felt pretty light, so I think we will be back up to the 90lbs+ we used to do on dips in no time.  Squats are still a struggle with the back injury, but I managed to move up 5lbs.  I need to focus on building my squat variations and take it easy on the deadlifts for awhile.

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