Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collateral Damage

Today I was planning to run solo, but the +1's reindeer games got cancelled, so we ran together.  My foot was probably the worst it's been before we started running, but, in the past, I've felt like running loosened it up a bit.  I think the slow pace helps keep it in check too.  The ground was still very wet and muddy with standing water on either sides of the trail.  This made a great soft surface for my VFF's, so I pushed the pace in the beginning, but the foot just got worse and worse.  I finally stopped before we reached the start, but we only walked for 2 minutes in the beginning, so if I had done the full 5 minute walk, I think we would have reached the start.

9/30 run 25ish minutes continuous sub 10min/mile

I hated to stop, but I think the benefits are no longer outweighing the damage.  I'm limping so bad it's starting to make my right hip hurt.  I took a diclofenac, which is what my doctor prescribed when I had the foot x-rayed.  I'm going to make a point to take them every 12hrs for the next week or so and layoff the foot.  I hate to not run, but I have to do something to let it heal or I will never be able to really push myself.

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