Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to Backs

9/22 lift powerclean 2x200 deadlift 3x4x245 plus the include dumbell presses up to 70lb dumbells and alternate curls with 55lb dumbells.  My shoulder is feeling better, I hope to be doing the 85lbers again on the inclines in the next few weeks.

My back is a mess, so I did what I could on the exercises today.  I didn't want to hurt my back again, so I just did 3 sets of 4 reps at 245 on traditional deadlifts.  The soreness is definitely making the back injury worse, but hopefully I can loosen it up some tonight.  I find running actually seems to work out the stiffness too.

I have to write down everything I eat.  My GI doctor set me up with a Celiac nutritionist.  I go to see the nutritionist on Monday, and I'm supposed to record three days of meals.  I find myself making simpler choices, just so I don't have to write down so much.  It also helps that I haven't been grocery shopping this week.  I might just keep writing everything down, as it really makes me think about how often I'm eating and how much.  By writing everything down, I can see when I go too long between meals, this way I can avoid dropping my blood sugar into the craving zone.

This is more of a personal note for me.  My +1 does her midweek run on Wednesday nights after work.  I should really take advantage of this time and get my butt back to yoga for the 5:45 class, especially as her midweek runs get longer and longer.  We would get home about the same time.

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