Friday, September 17, 2010


9/18 lift squat 2x265 bench 1x255

Not much to report today.  My back wanted to shutdown on the 265 squats, so I stopped there.  I think this was a good idea in retrospect, as now my upper left side has knotted up and I can't break it loose.  I tried to talk the +1 into walking on my back, but she flat out refused.  Hopefully it will loosen up while I sleep tonight.

I really should make a point to focus on the positive, as my shoulder is getting better and my bench is moving up again.  I could have done at least another 5lbs today.  Pull-ups felt good and the overhead presses are getting better, as my left shoulder heals.

I think I will do another super slow running session on Saturday.  I really need to come up with a way to stop the blister on my right foot with the VFF's, if only I could get different sizes for left and right.  My left heel still sucks, but it hasn't gotten any worse.

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  1. I only refused because I don't want to accidentally cause additional damage. Sorry!