Sunday, September 12, 2010

Enjoy the Silence

So today was a pretty good little Sunday.  Managed to get some rest after work.  Made pancakes and omelettes with the wife for breakfast (gluten free chocolate chip for me).  Headed out to Bull City Running Company, as I wanted to get some minimalist shoes to alternate with my VFF's.  I'm hoping this way my left foot won't snap off before the 25th.  Ended up with a pair of Brooks Green Silence.  I wish they had a little higher arch, but otherwise a good minimalist shoe.

9/12 run 25 min continuous in Brooks Green Silence @ 10min pace

I did my best to keep my form in check and maintain a forefoot striking style.   I stuck with my Injinji socks and my blister (see photo below) didn't up levels this time.  My left foot still felt like it was getting hit with a hammer on the side of my heel and underneath my heel during every strike.  Running like this makes me think of a quote from Dean Karnazes book, "As my junior high track coach, Mr. McTavish, once told me: 'If it’s fun, you’re doing something wrong. It’s supposed to hurt like hell.'"  Using this type of twisted logic, you could say I had a great run!  Some days are hard and today was one of them.  I managed to gut it out, but I was ready to stop within the first few steps.  We'll see if the Brooks will help me heal up without having to cut back on my training.  I still plan to get in a few days with the VFF's this week.  I wish everyone a successful week of training!

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