Thursday, September 16, 2010

rehab run

So today I went out with the +1 and my brother, not really sure what I was going to do.  I had put on my trail shoes and then, at the last minute, switched into my VFF's.  I figured I would try and walk 2.5 miles while the +1 did her tempo work.  I couldn't even keep up with the +1 on her warm-up walk.  I decided I would try and do a little bit of super slow jogging, to really focus on my posture, gait and foot placement.  So I did a super slow jog to the end and back to the start.  This was probably about 20-30 mins, then I took off the VFF's and did some barefoot walking down toward the other end while I waited for the +1.

9/16 run 20-30 mins SUPER DUPER SLOW

The pain was there from the beginning, but I was able to manage it by going very slow and keeping my center of gravity in line with my foot placement.  I just hope I see some improvement, so I can keep a little mileage by running this way.  I've also found that minimalist style running seems to help loosen up my back.  I don't know how squats will go tomorrow, but I hope to complete at least a few sets.

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