Thursday, September 23, 2010

last run before mud

9/23 run 28 mins @ 10:30/min in VFF's

I hope I didn't over do it today.  The +1 was ready to move straight to dinner, but my conscience got the better of me.  She rode her bike while I did what I could on the trail.  Lately, I find it is better to not set goals for the run and just see how I feel.  I guess you could say my goal is to heal my foot.

Now I just have a light lifting session on Friday and it's all clear until after the Mud Run.  I figure since we haven't done any obstacle or mud specific training, I should at least try to get a mental edge.  So I pulled up a few videos online of the run.  I think we should be fine, as long as I can keep my contacts in and I don't pop my achilles...  It looks like the nature of the event keeps everyone going at a similar pace, as some of the obstacles can only support a few competitors at a time.  Here is a pretty cool video of the whole USMC Mud Run from '09 done at 2x speed.

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