Monday, September 6, 2010

stop thinking about it

I have a natural aversion to "blogging," as I feel it goes against my attempts to remain humble in my life.  I try not to feed my inner narcissist too much, as he is fat enough already.  The proliferation of blogging isn't really a surprise if you think about what we do to our children on a daily basis.  We start feeding the narcissist in our children at the earliest age possible.  We tell them, "you are special, you are unique, you are better than the others."  They start to believe this crap and that is where the problem starts.  How can a child learn to be honest with themselves if their parents are already lying to them?  They start to catch on when academic and athletic competition begins.  Do not confuse love with praise.  We love and we need to be loved, but we can still be lazy fat asses and someone needs to call us out at an early age when we are.  Too many of us have been allowed to merrily go about eating Cheetos on the couch in our underwear at 2pm while playing video games.  Some of us are even proud enough to share this information with the world.  I can only hope my blog will be helpful to one person other than myself.  We all need to learn praise and success are the results of planning and hard work.  This is my attempt to document both of these in my life.  How many of us can honestly assess ourselves?  We look at our resumes, transcripts and in the mirror, but does the person looking back at us simply say "you are special"?

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