Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Days

9/29 lift power clean 3x205 deadlift 3x320 incline dumbells 7x75 and some curls

Everything felt heavy today, I didn't have much pop on the cleans.  I actually wasn't planning to deadlift over 275, but I was too lazy to take off the plates, so I ended up doing 320.  My plan is to stick to 5lbs a week, in the hopes I don't pop my back again..again.  I could definitely feel it kind pinching after the 320 set.  I went up on the incline presses, as we were doing 85's until we got the extra dumbells.  I figure with my shoulder starting to feel good again, I should pick it up.

I found something that makes my foot hurt worse than running!  It's standing, I had to stand around for about 3 hours on Tuesday and today, even walking a few feet has me in a world of pain.  I plan to run tomorrow, so I hope it heals up tonight.

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