Thursday, September 9, 2010

What happens when a blister levels up

What happens when a blister levels up
So I promised some pictures of us hobbling along.  Instead I just have this nice photo of my foot post run.  My ongoing battle of the blister decided to level up on tonight's run.  It didn't really feel any worse than it did last time, but I was having enough issues with my back and the arch issues in my left foot to push this into the minor annoyance category.

9/9 run 25 mins hopefully sub 10 min pace

On the brightside, I managed to pump out a decent pace and finish the run with my back torn up and my stomach still jacked from Tuesday.  It was definitely a harder run than last time, but I pushed the pace in the beginning and just dragged out the back half.  Not sure how lifting will go tomorrow, but the run pounded some of the spasms out of my back.

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