Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things Fall Apart

So I was expecting to have a good run yesterday.  Walking around the house, my foot felt pretty good.  All that changed as soon as I finished my warm-up and started trying to run.  The pain was there and it only got worse with each step.  Maybe I've just altered how I walk in daily life and that's why I thought things would be better.

9/14 run 25 mins continuous run in Brooks Green Silence

Now I'm second guessing myself, are the Brooks making things worse, or am I just past the point of no return with this foot injury?  I felt like my gait and foot placement were all over the place.  All I could think about was how much damage I was doing to my foot with each step.  I finished the 25, but fully expected to see some swelling and hematoma when I removed my sock.  Thankfully, neither was present.  I was shocked at how painful a foot injury can be without any signs outside of a little swelling.

I need to rethink my training for this Mud Run.  I have to heal this foot somehow and keep my running cardio up.  I need to learn to treat running injuries with the same respect as other sports injuries.

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  1. I've learned that injuries that have no visible presence are easily ignored to one's detriment. Ice is your friend as is stretching. Rest a bit, my friend, and be kind to your foot.