Monday, September 13, 2010

Second Wind

9/13 lift box squat 1x315 towel bench 1x275 dumbell snatches 90x2 100x2 pull-ups 35lbs

Everything went pretty good today.  My back and hips still don't want to work together, which makes the squats a bit of a nightmare.  It's kind of depressing to struggle with the same squat weight for over 8 months, but I should just be happy my back is getting stronger again.  I nearly dropped a 100lb dumbell on my head with the snatches.  When I went to lockout my first one on the left side, my wrist flipped forward moving the weight off my palm, so only my fingers were holding the dumbell.  I guess I shouldn't complain, as this was my first time doing 100lbs with my left hand again.  The shoulder felt solid on the pull, but I still can't lower it without using my right hand to stabilize.

My left heel feels a bit better, I plan to run in my Brooks Green Silence again on Tuesday.  I'll be ecstatic if I can get a bit of relief from my foot problems without causing any knee or back issues.  It would be nice to successfully get through these issues without enlisting professional intervention.  This running stuff is getting seriously expensive,  I think I've racked up several thousand in medical bills with my tummy troubles, not even counting the shirts, shoes, socks and foam rollers.  If it works out, I'd like to use the VFF's for my Thursday run or maybe start doing a mid run shoe swap.

My goal for this week is to get in my 6 scheduled workouts (3 run/3 lift) and 2 additional workouts.  I'm not 100% decided on what they will be, but I plan to do at least one yoga session.  I really think the upper endoscopy last week beat me up more than I realized.  I just felt rundown the whole week and struggled with every workout.  Maybe the Fall air is helping with that second wind this week.

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