Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WTF happened

So I had my upper endoscopy today, or so I'm told.  After taking only three tries to get my IV started, they wheeled me off to anesthesia, where I recall the 2 syringes being hooked up and perhaps the hit of fentanyl, then I was turned on my side for the throat spray and BAM...nothing... 

I return from the Elysian Fields to the voice of my wife asking me if I'm ready to leave, being the smart cookie I am, I mumble something about 45 minutes, as I realize I must have missed the procedure but remember from the paperwork I have to stay in recovery for 45 minutes.  Well, apparently, I missed the 45 minutes too.  Hell, I could have missed a day and I wouldn't have realized it.  I stumble out to the car with her and spend the rest of the day in a fog.  So far all I have to show for my troubles is a killer sore throat.  Now we wait for results from the pathologist.  She tells me I also mumbled something about Locopops, not sure on that one, but the way my throat feels I could certainly use a couple.

No training today outside of some ammonia tolerance threshold training with the cat litter boxes...

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