Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My lifting partner got tied up at work on Monday with a man out, so we lifted on Tuesday.

9/21 box squat 6x305 (spotted) towel bench 6x255 plus the usual pullups with 35lbs and dumbell snatches 5x65 and 3x100

The box squats are still a struggle.  Something isn't firing quite right in the hips to back chain, I've started raising the box one peg on the last set, although this probably just puts me at the same mechanical advantage as my lifting partner, as I'm a few inches taller than him.  The bench is still moving along nicely, so no complaints there.  I felt completely wiped for the snatches, but managed to get a few up.

Fast forward to 6:30pm and it's running time!  The +1 struggled to run slow enough to pace with me...yes that is how slow I was running...  I did pick the pace up a bit on the back half, but I'm not sure by how much.  I did my post run cool down walk barefoot again.  I can definitely tell my feet are adapting quickly to the rocky terrain.  We made it back to the start in probably 1/3 the time it took me to walk back on Saturday.  We were both irritated by the amount of smoke in the air, I guess people have started burning leaves again. When we got back to the car, the smoke was thick enough you could see it hanging over the road.

9/21 run 28mins in VFF's SUPER slow on the way out and faster than last time on the return

My foot is definitely in bad shape, but I haven't taken any ibuprofen yet.  The last few runs I was popping 800mg ibuprofen post run.  We'll see how it feels tomorrow.  I wish it was one of those injuries that feels better after warming up, but that just isn't the case.  It hurts as much on the last step as it does on the first, if not more.  I hit my calves with the stick 1-2x a day, roll a tennis ball under both feet, use a foam roller on the back/itb's and a strap for calf/hamstring stretches.  Hopefully I can get healthy again!

I did manage to give myself some nasty back spasms tonight, while, of all things, vacuuming the house.  I was crouched down trying to get some dust bunnies from under our bed, and WHAM it locks up on me again.  I think I crammed in a little too much activity today, hopefully it calms down before our lifting session tomorrow.  My head cold seems to be doing a little better.  It didn't really bother me on the run, but I notice it at night and getting up the morning the most.

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