Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pop Goes the Back

So I'm getting fed up with this.  My back was sore when I got up.  Probably from my lack of running form yesterday.  My goal was to hit the 365 conventional deadlift I'd missed the last two times.  So I decided I was pulling it up today.  I got the bar above my knees and went to drive the hips forward to complete the lift and "POP" on the right side along with the feeling of something shifting around near my SI joint.  I immediately put the weight down, knowing I had had hurt my back again.

9/15 lift powerclean 1x215 deadlift 2x315 365 injury a few sets of bw only pullups and dips

The deadlift is starting to feel like a broken record.  My back was stronger before I started doing BFS.  Now it seems whenever I try a near max deadlift with any bar, something decides to pop.  This is the 3rd time I've had an issue during the deadlift.  I used to be very strong on conventional deads, having pulled 495 and managing 405 on a regular basis.  Then, I decided to do BFS and started using a trapbar.   My first efforts doing BFS solo, I pulled 385 on the trapbar, but then I backed off with the weights, as I started training with a friend of mine.  So we built up to 405 together, which we had hit a few weeks in a row and then on a 4,4,2 workout I had my first back injury with 405.  This was April, if I recall.  I partially blame the yoga immersion I was doing at the time, as I believe I overstretched and fatigued my back between the yoga and heavy ass weights.

I spent around 12 weeks making minimal progress with continual discomfort from any type of sitting or leaning forward.  So I decided to see a friend of a friend who's a chiropractor.  It definitely helped, as my pain was decreasing and my mobility increasing over the following weeks.  Now I am almost back where I was before the injury, but something keeps breaking down on me.  So today turned into an ibuprofen and ice fest.  It sucks being injured and not being able to workout like you want, but I'm tired of it cutting into my daily productivity.  I guess that's the problem with back injuries.  They bleed into everything.  Sitting, lying down, in the shower, brushing your teeth.  The pain is always there to remind you and if you don't rest it, it just gets worse, especially in the first 48 hours.

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