Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out of Sync

10/17 spin/yoga spin 30 mins yoga 45 mins

We made it to another combo class at SYNCStudio today.  I think taking the last two days off did more harm than good.  Working all night and waking to an upset stomach didn't help either.  My legs felt sluggish the entire class, and I still have no rhythm.  The yoga went fine,  I even brought my mat, which I haven't used since I hurt my back.  It's nice to do a shorter practice as I ease my way back into it.  My foot is unhappy again, but I've stopped taking the diclofenac for now.  My plan is no running and no NSAIDs for another week.  I really hope this foot problem doesn't become chronic and I can start my running again.  I would like to do a trail race in early December before the big one in February.

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