Monday, October 4, 2010

back in the 5x5's

10/4 lift box squat 5x275 towel bench 5x245

The most dreaded week of lifting has returned.  We are back on five sets of five reps, which is always demoralizing.  I did my snatches 5x65 and 3x100 again.  I definitely need to do four or five reps with the 100 next week.  Pull-ups were with 40lbs, our second week at the new weight.  My back feels a little funny from being hunched over on the spinning bike over the weekend.  I made sure to look at the ceiling on the squats and not allow my back to round when I would sit on the box.  I have started doing the 6 holes showing on the box for all my sets.  The bench was really hard, as we did 225 for the 4th set and that was a struggle.  Somehow I still managed to gut out all 5 reps using 245 without any help.

Looks like I might be doing the 8 mile Uwharrie Mountain Run in February.  The +1 has asked me about it and today I brought it up with my lifting partner and he expressed an interest in joining me on the 8.  This is probably for the best, so the +1 doesn't feel like she's leaving me behind if she does the 20 miler (which she should).

My foot is still bothering me, but it's much better than last week.  I plan to do ninjafit tomorrow and take it easy on the foot otherwise.  I would see about spinning again, but my old posterolateral corner injury is bothering me after Sunday.  So I've been babying both legs today.  If it clears up by Thursday, I might try and get in a spinning session.  I'm still a long way from trying to run again, but at least things are getting better instead of worse!

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