Tuesday, October 26, 2010


10/25 lift box squat 2+1x335 towel bench 2+1x270 

Missed a bunch of snatches with the 100lber, I think I only completed 1-2 per side with another 3 almost there.  Pull-ups were equally hard.  I think we are both burning out a little bit.  I'm dropping weight, so that is part of the problem.  I think the Mexico break is going to be good for us.  It might be time to taper back down and then build up again.  I can feel it mentally, as well.  You can tell just by looking at my recent posts.  It's all I can do just to document each day.

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  1. Buck up Andrew B - it's almost vacay time for us! Carry on...we're almost there! But...we're not totally off the hook, remember the hotel has a gym :-) Love you!