Monday, October 18, 2010

Squat and Cycle

10/18 lift 1:30pm box squat 4+2x315 towel bench 5+1x240  snatches 4x100 and the usual pull-ups

Wow, we have pushed our weights up on the working sets for 10, 8 and 6 reps to the point of bombing on occasion and this was one of those occasions.  This used to be an easy recovery week, but now each weight is at the limit for the required number of reps.  I was so tired on the snatches, I had to do 6 on my left side as I missed lock out on two of them.  I had a really scary moment on my first rep with the 100lber, as my right hand slipped at the top of the snatch.  Thank goodness I was able to get my palm under the weight or it would have fallen on my head.  So I completed my first rep looking like a waiter carrying a tray.

10/18 spin 5:45pm 60 mins

So apparently doing heavy squats before a spin class isn't a good idea.  I made it through the class, but not my best performance.  I would rate this one up there with the intermediate class, maybe a few less sprints, but if you keep your tension where it should be; it's just as hard.  I think I excel at slow, high resistance climbs and suck at sprints.  This kind of makes sense with my build and how I train.  These last two spin classes feel like I'm moving backwards.  My legs feel heavy and my lungs are struggling to supply them with oxygen.  Hopefully it's just a little bit of overtraining and lack of sleep giving me troubles.

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