Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Along for the ride

The +1 had her speed work today, so I took out my mountain bike and tried to get in a few miles along with her.  I biked the whole time she was running, going ahead and coming back to check on her progress.  I made a point to try some of the stuff we did in spinning on a live bike and it's hard!  Just like running, it takes a while to settle in on the bike.  When I first went out to catch her, I found my quads were burning like crazy as I tried to power along at maximum velocity.  I would do sprints here and there and then try and hold a fast cadence.  Hopefully my knees will feel ok tomorrow, as I was clipped in with the SPD's and I'm still not sure I have the angles right.

10/5 bike 10ish miles

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