Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Double Day

10/6 1:30pm power clean 5x185 deadlift 5x335  Also did some 5x75 on the inline presses and I did some incline and regular curls 5x55 dumbells.

The cleans went well and I moved up a good bit, although I wasn't moving my feet, but I didn't have to with the weights.  The deadlift really got in my head after hurting myself again on 365 two weeks ago and feeling like something was hurt on the top set last week.  I worked hard on keeping my back protected and the 335 felt good.

10/6 5:30pm Duke obstacle course (mostly upper body)

The course was fun, I feel like I should have worked harder and done each obstacle more times, as we walked it due to my foot injury.  I was planning to do another loop, but we ran out of daylight.  I really didn't have any business doing the box jumps or some of the other jumping obstacles, but I did them anyways.  The walk back to the car is pretty hilly and I could tell my foot was pissed off at me.  Hopefully I didn't set myself back too far doing these.  Tomorrow, my plan is to hit yoga at 11am and ninjafit at 7:30pm.  This should keep my cardio up, assuming the WOD isn't something that will do more damage to my foot.  Speaking of which, I forgot to take my evening diclofenac...  Bedtime!

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