Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long day in the car

3/31 roadtrip  12 hours!

So I've always got my eye on Craigslist for a good deal and yesterday one popped up.  We've been wanting a set of bumper plates for awhile now, as we currently do our Olympic lifting with regular plates (no dropping the weights).  Thanks to all the Crossfit crazies, the prices keep going up and the deals are few and far between.  In this case, that meant Cullowhee, NC.  Cullowhee is on the other side of Asheville and the home to Western Carolina University.  So, today, my training partner and I made our way down to pick up a set of 45,35,25 and 10lb plates with a rusty Cap 1200lb barbell.  We really needed another barbell, as the one we use for Olympic lifts and deadlifts is seriously bent and comes apart on every set.  As a bonus, Anson, of Silverback Strength Equipment had a 170lb atlas stone ready for us, so we made a stop in Salisbury to pick it up on our way back to the triangle.

Nothing like 12 hours in a car eating only what you can forage from gas stations to really jack up your system.  I'm glad I wimped out and skipped my intervals this morning.  Sitting for so long in car has DOMS from Wednesday's workout kicking in.

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