Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Steps

3/14 lift box squat 6x290 towel bench 6x225 plus snatches 3,1x100 pull-ups w/50lb kb and rotator cuff band work.

I think missing my lifting session on Friday contributed to my poor run, so I was eager to get back to some strength work on Monday.  I'm always surprised at how much pain and stiffness I have in my knees post-run and today was no exception.  I wanted to do some full squat warm-ups before getting on the box, but I couldn't bring myself to bend my knees all the way.  The box squats went well.  They were near my limit and the higher reps helped to work out my knees.  I made another 5lb increase on my top set.  I decided to try benching again as my shoulder is pain free outside of lifting.  I could still feel some instability, but the dagger like pain was gone.  I only did 3 sets and kept the weights light.  My snatches were suffering today and I believe this is directly related to missing my workout on Friday and the extended recovery from the increased running.  I felt especially weak on my left side, probably related to benching again.  Pull-ups have been feeling strong and I think doing curls occasionally has helped to clear up my forearm tendinitis almost completely.

My left foot is somewhat jacked from my run on Saturday, and I'm not sure how to tackle this for my speed work tomorrow.  I have a giant raw spot directly behind the ball of my foot on the arch side and the issue between the digits where they started eating each other.  I'd like to wear my New Balance MT10 Trail Minimus again, but I'm not sure if my foot will be healed enough to handle the added work.  I'm going to wait and see how those first steps of the day feel.

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