Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feelin the Heat

3/17 run 30 mins on Sal's Branch @ Umstead in New Balance MT101's (no tape)

HR avg 165 max 177

I wanted to wear my MT10's but I think I was pushing my recovery limits by skipping the tape.  This was another hard run.  I don't know if it's the warm weather (69 degrees) or residual soreness, but I feel like I'm struggling the whole time.  I did push the pace and shaved about a minute and a half off my time for one loop (24:26).  The turn at Big Lake always marks the beginning of the hardest part of the course for me.  I think it's the mild uphill grade, plus the accumulated fatigue, but this is the part of the course where my heart rate climbs and my pace slows.

In other news, I'm starting to notice variance of greater than 10% from my Garmin 405 on the same course.  Admittedly, this is under some serious tree cover.  My Timex seems to be much more consistent on the same course from one workout to the next.  It seems as though the Garmin will read longer than the Timex one week and shorter, the next.  I've also heard that the April firmware update for the Timex Global Trainer will add the ability to configure distance based workouts.  This is my only major complaint with the Timex and the reason I picked up the Garmin in the first place.  I will probably continue to wear two watches though...

I hope I can cruise for at least part of my Saturday run.  I need to start having some good long runs, otherwise I don't see myself surviving a 12 miler.  Looking at the weather, I think I need to get up early and run before the temperature starts to climb.  I think my perceived effort level rises sharply with ambient temps, at least that's my theory.

I also did a little bit of lifting today with my lifting partner.  This was his first day back after having a CT-guided sternoclavicular joint injection to help with his shoulder issues.  I passed on the squats today and did some ab work, push-ups, dips, rotator cuff bands and 80lb kettlebell swings.  I'll be squatting solo on Friday, as he's out of town.

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