Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Don't Know Squat.

3/25 lift squat 3x265 bench press 3x225 plus pull-ups +55lbs and rotator cuff band work

Today was a wake up call for skipping two weeks of regular squats.  I needed to do 285 for 3 to duplicate last month's effort, but reality set in and I did 265 for two sets of 3 instead.  My box squats have continued to move up, but I guess they don't translate as well as I thought to regular squats.  I also think I have finally figured out the weak link in my squat.  My original thinking was that my back was the issue from my injury, but I now believe it's an anterior chain issue that's causing me to bend forward too much to compensate.  In short, I believe my quads are the weak link, and I lean forward to kick in my hip flexors in order to get out of the hole.

It was definitely too early to load my shoulder on the bench.  135, I can control with no discomfort.  185, I start to feel it but it's more of a nagging sensation.  225, and it feels almost as bad as when I stopped a month or so ago.  Looks like a doctor's visit might be in my future.

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