Saturday, March 5, 2011


3/5 run 74 mins on Loblolly Trail @ Umstead in MT101's with left foot taped and socks ;-)

HR avg 167 max 179

I tried to keep my heart rate in the lower zones on this run and I did a good job for about the first 10 mins.  I think I must have hit an incline about this point and things kind of went downhill or rather uphill from there!  I ran out to the gate past the park boundary, took a bio-break and started my return.  I found I really like this trail, even though it seemed to be exceptionally challenging, with a lot of long, slow climbs and downhills.  I felt more isolated on it and I think this is part of what I enjoy the most about trails.  The feeling of being in the woods, without civilization intruding.  It was good to get in some decent mileage after over a week.  My legs were already stiff and sore from squatting on friday but they held together well enough.  I hit a few walls here and there but worked through them pretty well.  I'll blame the squats for my mediocre performance ;-)

My joints felt better after the run than they have in awhile and I'm wondering if this could be the SAM-e working its magic.  I'm going to wait a few days before I pass judgment.  It would be nice to not already be in pain before lifting on Monday.  I was rushing to get home for work, so this could also have something to do with it.  My plan for Tuesday, if I'm healed, are some 400m repeats on the ATT (American Tobacco Trail) soft side.  I hate running flats, but I have to do something to improve my speed, if I want a chance at hanging with the wife once she settles in.

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  1. Great job! Glad your joints are feeling better. You ready to sign up for M2S yet? :-)