Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Minimus Trail on the Trail

3/24 run 45 mins on Sal's Branch @ Umstead in New Balance Trail Minimus MT10 with left foot taped and Injinji socks

HR avg 163 max 174

I really wanted to wear my Trail Minimus for another trail workout, but I was worried about squeezing my taped foot into the glove like shoe.  I taped up and did a test fitting.  Surprisingly, I got the shoe on and off without any problems!  So off I went to put in another run.  Even taped, I can tell my left foot and calf took quite a beating.  I put in close to 4 miles in socks this time.  A few spots were getting warm toward the end but no blisters!  I didn't have any traction issues, even though some parts of the trail were still muddy from the rainstorm last night.  I really enjoy the added ground feel, except on the extremely rocky sections.  They stick well and I haven't had any issues with foot movement on downhills.  I'm not ready to tackle a long run in them yet, but I plan to keep them in the permanent rotation for tempo and speed work.  I think they are by far THE BEST minimal shoe you can buy that is truly capable of trail running at race paces.

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