Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doing Sycamore with Less

3/12 run 82 mins on Sycamore Trail @ Umstead in New Balance MT101's with left foot taped

HR avg 168 max 178

Everything felt wrong from the first step.  My body had no desire to move, it was as if my forward motion was entirely the result of my mental resolve.  I'm thinking it was the jump from two to three runs this week.  In the past my body would breakdown if I tried to run 3 days, so I would spin or ride my bike on one of my short run days.  I knew I wasn't fully recovered going into the long run today, but I didn't realize how tired my body was until I had begun the act of running.  Maybe the higher temperatures had something to do with it.  The temperature was around 66, so I brought a couple Thermotabs with me after talking with the +1, as she ran in the morning on Company Mill and Sycamore.  All I could think about during my run was how excited she was after her run and how much fun she had, yet here I was having a horrible time wishing I could lie down, go to sleep and wake up like it never happened.  I remember checking my watch only to find I hadn't even covered 2 miles and the thought of having to complete over 7 made me want to turn around and go home.

I had my trusty dual handhelds, one with water and the other with my carb/bcaa drink.  I couldn't decide if I was drinking too much or too little.  It seemed like what little energy I had would be sucked out every time the sun hit my back.  My stomach felt off the entire time and my poor breakfast choice didn't help (quinoa with blueberries, blackberries, pecans and a little maple syrup plus 2 hard boiled eggs).  I should have eaten something less fibrous and bulky, I think.  I tried taking the first Thermotab around 20 mins in and I don't know if it made things better or worse.  I took the second Thermotab around 45 mins as I was approaching a hiker.  The only problem is I didn't get a big enough gulp of water and ended up inhaling the Thermotab instead of swallowing it.  So here I am about 10 yards behind this poor woman and I must have made the most horrible gagging/wheezing noise, as she jumped and immediately turned just in time to seem me cough up the pill into my hand.  I wheezed out a "sorry" as I passed.  I never broke my stride during all this, although it felt like more of a death march than a stride.

This was my first time running all of Sycamore.  I've done around 70 mins on this trail back in January and walked out the rest, but I've never run the whole lollipop until today.  The sad part is my pace was only 2 secs a mile faster than my January run.  I wish I hadn't looked up that bit of data.  Hopefully I have gotten faster and I just had a bad day.  My bad day continued when I got back to the car as I found my left sock was nice shade of crimson.  Apparently my toes decided to do their best impression of an Uruguayan rugby team and tried to eat each other during the run.  Also, despite my best efforts to keep the taping job as smooth and seamless as possible, I got the worst blister on the edge of my arch.  I normally get a small one here, but today was a new record.  I'm going to see if placing a piece of tape over this area before my regular tape job might help.  Both my knees feel like bags of rocks right now and I'm wishing I had compression tights instead of socks.

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