Thursday, March 3, 2011

ROCK STOP™ is for sissies!

3/3 run 26 mins one loop of Sal's Branch @ Umstead in New Balance Trail Minimus (MT10) no socks no tape

HR avg 169 max 183

 Today was my first run in the MT10 aka New Balance Trail Minimus.  I put in about 2.6 miles on one of my favorite trails, Sal's Branch.  This is a shorter trail with rolling elevation changes and some roots and rocky areas.  The sides of my big toes started to rub enough toward the end that I would probably be in bad shape if I had gone another half mile.  I also had some rubbing on the back of my right heel.  I'm going to wear a pair of my Injinji socks next time and see if this will cut down on some of the hot spots.  I'd like to be able to go without socks, but I don't want blisters either.  Otherwise things went pretty well, except for the rock or root I must have stomped on.  Overall pretty good protection for the number of other roots and rocks I did step on, including the portion by the lake that is like a giant rock driveway on a downhill slope into a hairpin turn.  I think it was around this portion of the trail that one made it's way through, creating the photo op above.  Compared to the MT101, I could definitely feel the whole shoe and especially the forefoot flexing and spreading around me as I would plant my foot on each step.  It was a very different feeling, especially on the downhills at first kind of scary but I never had any slipping issues.  I'll do my long run in my MT101's on Saturday and use the MT10 again for my track repeats on Tuesday.


  1. I have been using mine with no issue on the trails. Fist time sockless I rubbed the skin off my right ankle near on my achilles. No problem since. So I got brave and wore them on a 13.1 street race. My toes were all blistered and my lower calves are smoked (next day) Love the show but need to find the balance....

  2. Wow, I couldn't imagine doing a 13.1 on the street in them! I've been using them for road runs when I travel (in addition to my home trail runs) but always with socks. I haven't tried them without socks in awhile. I might give it a go again this week sometime. Thanks for reading!