Monday, March 28, 2011

Five Sets and Foot Injuries

3/28 lift box squat 3+2x300 towel bench close-grip 5x205 snatch 3x100 right only pull-ups +55lbs and some rotator cuff band work

Struggled to move up on the box squat, feeling weak in my left leg for some reason.  I'm slowly working out a way to bench without too much pain.  It seems as long as my elbows stay against my body, my shoulder doesn't feel like it's being ripped out of the socket.  My plan is to stick with reduced weights and close-grip benches until it feels better.  I couldn't pull off my heaviest set of snatches on the left side with the shoulder bothering me.  Pull-ups went ok, I'm starting to feel the shoulder a bit on them, as well.

In injury related news, I've worn a Strassburg Sock the last couple of nights in the hopes of healing my left foot.  It's been going down hill since I ran Sal's Branch in my Minimus Trail last week (even with tape).  Today I got fitted for a pair of Superfeet Green in my MT101's.  I'm not a big fan of the added heel lift, but if they allow me to run without tape or further injury I'll be ecstatic.  I'm planning to do my last long run tomorrow before the MST 12 miler with the goal of slowing my pace down for the first hour or so.

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