Thursday, March 10, 2011


3/9 lift power clean 1x235 (almost on my 3rd attempt) deadlift 1x400

My legs are tired from the speed work yesterday, but thankfully my knees aren't hurting as badly as they normally do after a run.  I think there might be something to this SAM-e stuff!  Today 4 of the 5 sets were over 300lbs on the deadlift.  This will put me right at a 405 single for the month of April, which is the same month last year that I injured my back.  I'm still not 100% on my squats, but the deadlift is where I hurt myself.

My power cleans today went ok.  I shouldn't have tried for that extra 5lbs.  I got it to my shoulders but I didn't have my balance and had to dump the weight.  This was on my 3rd attempt and I was out of gas after that.  My feet were moving well and I was able to get under the bar without too much trouble, but it was another week of subpar pulls.  My explosiveness through the pulling phase of the lift isn't where it needs to be right now.  I did little bit of rotator cuff work with the bands and called it a day.  My shoulder has stopped bothering me in daily life, but I'm still hesitant to start pressing with it again.  I'm thinking next Monday will be a good day to test it out.

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