Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who wants to do 10 sets of deadlifts and power cleans?

3/2 lift power clean 5x200 deadlift 5x375

How do you tell if your deadlift form is correct?  Look for the blood on your shins!  Note the New Balance Minimus Trail in the photos  Initial impressions and review to come in the next few days, and no, I do not wear them for lifting...

Today went pretty well.  I had some trouble getting my left foot out with the heavier cleans and I think this is because I'm getting a weak pull due to my left middle back soreness.  Deadlifts went well, moved up another 5lbs.  My training partner decided to do some calculations and looks like we move almost 8,000lbs over 5 sets of 5 reps on the deadlift alone.  When you look back at some of our earlier numbers, this is a TON of increased volume as we have tightened up the weight on all sets (255,275,315,345,375 for me).  Compared to when we used to start with 155 or even 135...

I've been taking 400mg of SAM-e every morning for the last few days, it's hard to say if it's helping as I still haven't run in over a week now.  My plan is to hit the woods on Thursday.  I've setup some track repeats on my watch and my plan is to do track repeats on ATT (American Tobacco Trail) soft side on Tuesdays, a shorter tempo run at Umstead on Thursdays and keep my long run for Saturdays.

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