Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trailjackers and my 1st Long Run

1/8 run 70 mins on Sycamore Trail @ Umstead with left foot taped in NB MT101's plus an 8 min run out (I got too cold to walk out the trail)

Wow, it was cold this time.  I think temperature was about 37 and we had light snow/hail flurries during the run (thankfully they stopped).  I wore my silk base layer tops and bottoms with short sleeve shirt and shorts plus my headband, sunglasses and the usual footwear.  My friggin Global Trainer lost signal right when we started the run, so my distance was missing about 1.25 miles.  I think I ended up doing about 5.85 miles in 70 mins, which is acceptable for my first long run, especially with the problems we encountered...or rather problem.  We got hijacked on the trail, and by hijacked I mean this lady decided she wanted to have a conversation with us without actually stating her intentions, so I kept trying to give her room to get by (she was ALOT faster than us) and the wife actually stopped, in the hopes she would run on, but she slowed down too, then finally she returned to her normal pace and zipped off (apparently she's run Boston and tons of other stuff).  The only problem is we catch up to her in the middle of the hail/snowstorm and she is sitting on a log taking pictures of the trail with her phone, so I am forced to stop so as to not run into her shot!  Finally, I asked if she minds if I run ahead as it was taking her forever to get the photo.  She then proceeds to pickup again and run with us, but this time she asks if she can hang with us for the rest of the trail, but I guess she changed her mind at some point, as she took off again...  It wouldn't have been a big deal if she had just stated her intention to run with us in the beginning and done so, instead of having us jump out of the way every time we thought she was about to pass, only for her to instead, start in on another story.  It didn't help when she asks to run with us the second time and then takes off again...make up your mind!!!  I have nothing against meeting new people on the trail,  I only ask that we all be considerate of each other and our individual training goals.

So, back to the reason for this post, my first long run!  I knew going in, there was no way I could make it without taping my foot for Plantar Fasciitis.  Here's the link to the video I've been using for my tape job.  I wish I could say I did a better tape job this time, but I ended up with lots of wrinkles again.  I will say I didn't feel the pain on the back of my heel as much, not sure if this is because I'm getting used to the tape or because I made a point to keep the tape lower on my heel.  I was worried it wouldn't hold up, as the job looked like crap, but I made it through the run without too much pain!  I might try to go without taping on my easy runs depending on how my foot feels in between, but at least I think I've found a long term solution to running through my foot problems.

My heart rate average was 161bpm with a peak of 176bpm.  Other than a few times where our run was hijacked, I felt pretty good.  I kept my pace under control thanks to the hrm, but for some reason the strap kept sliding down, even though I had it adjusted from my last run.  I guess it must have stretched some, but it never fell off, it would just work its way to below my lats in the back.  I felt pretty good for this run and didn't have any problems finishing it out.  I couldn't believe how tight my quads were trying to stretch back at the car.  I think the tightness was setting in from my 5 sets of squats on Friday.  I'm a little worried about my knees, as my right one is very stiff and swollen right now, but I have two days to heal up before my next run :-)  I just wanted to give a big thank you to my +1 for all her patience and encouragement to get me to this point.  I won't say I enjoy running yet, but it does carry a certain sense of accomplishment.

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