Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cool Runnings

1/22 run 55ish mins total on Sal's Branch @ Umstead (45+10 run out)
HR avg 161 max 177

Wow, this was by far the coldest day I've ever run outside, with the temperature right at 30 degrees (probably less in the woods).  I felt pretty good on the run, although my legs were definitely hurting from the heavy squats around 15 hours earlier.  I wore my REI silk base layer top and bottom, shorts, long sleeve Brooks shirt, Smartwool beanie (switched to Mizuno headband after 5 mins), Saucony gloves (removed after 15 mins), sunglasses, Balega socks and NB MT101's.  I found this kept me warm enough for the duration, although I could see adding another layer on bottom for longer runs.  I think I would probably just wear two silks, but I might try to get some real pants if it gets much colder.

I met up with the +1 to help her finish out a 3 hour tour of the woods.  She was in bad shape when I showed up, but somehow she just keeps going...I don't know how she does it.  She'll probably be fully recovered and rip-roaring to run again in a couple days while I'm still hobbling around!  She took my Mountain Hardwear jacket, which was a good thing, as I would have been WAY too hot if I had left it on.  It really helped me to try and pace her, as this way I was able to run a little smarter, especially with my legs still reeling from squats last night.  The run felt pretty good, but I find as the temperature drops my ability to feel what's going on is reduced, so I have to be extra careful.  I iced my knee as soon as we got done and I'll be curious to see how I feel for my lifting on Monday.  I've been allowing myself to eat whenever I want (and just about whatever too).  I need to get some more ground turkey breast and some other protein sources to keep around for snacking.  We'll see if all this eating will make a difference in my recovery and strength for the coming week.

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  1. First, it was 3.5 hours :-), second, you had FRESH LEGS, FRESH LEGS! Haha! Love you!