Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom, ABORT ABORT!

1/13 lift power clean 1x225 (failed 235) deadlift 2x345 (failed 395 twice due to nearly puking myself)

I'm not sure what happened after I did my deadlift double, but I started to feel chills and a wave nausea hit me.  I went ahead and attempted my single, missed it, grabbed my sweatshirt and hat (I was freezing) tried the single again and nearly puked everywhere.  I told my training partner I was feeling ill and ran upstairs to the bathroom before I puked everywhere.  By the time I cleaned up the bathroom and brushed my teeth he was heading out, so I gathered myself together and told him we would pick things up again tomorrow.  As soon as he left, I was back in the bathroom puking again...and again.  This continued for quite awhile with bouts of shivering, drenched in sweat on the bathroom floor in between the puking.  At some point it calmed down enough for me to grab a bucket, a blanket and go lie down on the couch.  I managed to hold down some Gatorade around 5pm and had some soup and corn chips for dinner (closest thing to gluten free saltines, I guess).  I have to think something I ate for breakfast must have made me ill.  Knee is still busted up, but the swelling is down.  Feels similar to when I tore my posterolateral corner.

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