Monday, January 10, 2011

Bum Wheel on 5,4,3,2,1 week

1/10 lift box squat 3x315 towel bench 1x275 plus snatches 5x75 and pull-ups 3 sets, one with 50lb kettlebell

My right knee decided to swell up Saturday evening after my long run.  It's become hard to bend or straighten and quite painful to walk on.  I don't even like to think about when I have to go up and down the stairs.  I did manage to lift on it without much pain, but I made sure to go super slow and avoid any explosive movements with my legs.  I've got the ice back on it now and I started taking 75mg of diclofenac every 12 hours.  I think if I could just get rid of the fluid in the joint capsule I'd be ok to run again (carefully, of course).  My lifting partner says I should think about getting it drained if it doesn't go down in 3 days (he's had acl and pcl reconstruction on his right knee).

In other news, I think this is the first day I haven't noticed my sinus/cold issues!  Looks like I might be done with this year's sinusitis.

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