Friday, January 7, 2011

Goodbye 5x5 week

1/7 lift squat 4+1x265 bench press 4+1x230 plus overheads with 55lb dumbells and one set pull-ups and two sets of dips

The squat was a struggle, my legs felt good, but my upper and lower back was still sore from Wednesday.  I had trouble keeping my head up when I would come out of the hole and my legs would straighten faster than I could get the back to fire, so I would end up bent forward.  It all stems from my back injury, as I never had this problem before the injury.  The bench would have been no problem but I kept hitting the supports on the rack.  I'm not sure if that means my chest is shrinking or what.  It really throws you off a rep when the bar hits the support before it touches your chest.  I tend to drop my left side, but today I actually hit on both sides on a rep or two, so I had to reset.  If I had lowered the supports first the set would have been no problem, but it's good to keep them there for the times I don't have a spotter, so I don't risk crushing myself.  Backed off on the pull-ups to keep from aggravating the forearm.  Shoulder felt pretty good today.

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