Thursday, January 27, 2011

spinning my busted wheel

1/27 run spin 60 mins at SYNCstudio in Laurissa's class with a VERY RELUCTANT +1 (Love you, honey!)

HR avg 156 max 173

I'll be honest, the +1 wasn't the only one with reservations.  My knee being too sore for an easy run, I rolled the dice on the +1's type A need to workout and we snagged a couple spots on the SYNCStudio waitlist.  Miraculously, the stars aligned and we both got into the class.  My spinning skills didn't get any better since my last class, but I think my cardio base has improved.  The music selection was really good and the +1 likes the teacher, so I was out of the doghouse before I was off the bike ;-)  I wore my Timex Global Trainer to keep me honest and to gauge perceived versus actual effort on the bike.  I took it easy on the tension as there seemed to be a direct correlation with my knee pain and how much tension I put on the bike.  We both left feeling refreshed.  I'll have a better picture tomorrow of where I'm at for the weekend run.

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