Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Double Down part 2

1/5 lift powerclean 5x195 deadlift 5x365 plus inclines with 6x70 and 5x80

Wow, I could barely hobble down the stairs to the basement after the run, so the thought of trying to do 5 sets of 5 reps in anything that involved bending my knees seemed impossible. I was in a lot of pain at first with the cleans (especially my right knee), but I guess the endorphins kicked in and I was able to get through them. I found myself using more of my back to pull my cleans, as my legs had no spring left in them. The deadlifts weren't any better, this was probably the closest I've been to the edge on the deadlift in awhile. I'm still shocked I was able to pull 365 for 5 reps only a few hours after putting in 40 minutes on the trails. My left shoulder felt better today on the inclines but by the time I got to this point in the workout my body was spent and I struggled more than normal to complete the reps. I actually missed my first attempt to clean the dumbells into position, which hasn't happened to me with 80's in a LONG time, certainly not in the last year.

I'm still dealing with some residual congestion from my on going cold, but each day things seem to get a little better. I want to try and make a note of this, just so I know the exact day I finally get over this crap, so I can look back next year when I get it again.

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