Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Schwinn it to win it

1/11 bike 45 mins on Schwinn Airdyne with my bum wheel

I needed some bike time to test out the knee, and just my luck, the wife wanted to do some indoor cardio too, due to the icestorm outside. I managed to average a heart rate of 140bpm (max 159), which took a whole lot of flailing of the arms and legs, resulting in an arctic blast of air courtesy of the Airdyne.  It doesn't help that our basement is already around 60 degrees.  I wore two shirts and my headband to keep from freezing off my ears.  Jury is still out on if the knee feels better or worse.  I don't think I will know until tomorrow.  I also shocked the sh*t out of it with the TENS 3000 unit I borrowed.  I think, at this point, I am looking at minimum of a full week without running.  I'll keep doing weights as the knee allows.

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