Sunday, January 30, 2011

long run...who said anything about easy?

1/29 run 70 mins on Company Mill trail @ Umstead with left foot taped

HR avg 165 max 180

Somehow what was supposed to be a long run at an easy pace turned into another maximum effort run.  It didn't help that I made some poor choices before the run.  They included:

1. got up too late to eat my regular breakfast before run
2. used waxy maize based powder for my run hydration and mixed it way too thick (note 1)
3. wore my silk base layer on top with the temperature hitting a high of 57

Note 1: Also upon returning home I found some research to backup something else I felt during the run.  Maltodextrin based hydration does a better job than waxy maize starch for runs under 2 hours (I haven't run far enough to comment on anything over 2 hours).  Now I see research that indicates waxy maize starch would be good for endurance events in excess of 2 hours, so perhaps the ultra folks might have a better use for it, but I'm back to my maltodextrin based hydration.

This was my first time running Company Mill and I wasn't prepared for how it differs from some of the other trails.  Company Mill has the longest continuous stretches of uphill and downhill out of the trails I've run at Umstead.  This requires some serious adjustments to my strategy as I'm used to more of a rolling trail.  I don't mind lots of extreme uphills and downhills, but I like to change direction every few minutes as opposed to a long, slow climb followed by a long descent.  I'm sure this will payoff in the race, but it messed up my plan to take it easy on the long run.  I think I pushed myself harder in several spots than I have on any trail.  I know my heart rate hit 180 on more than one occasion.  I should have just let the +1 pace me and I wouldn't have had these problems, but I think doing a trail for the first time makes it hard to relax.    

I will say my knees feel better than they did after my midweek run, but I've been able to rest them the rest of the day.  No Diclofenac so far, just taking two Cissus capsules three times a day.  I'm on my second bottle and it seems to really help with my elbow tendinitis, shoulder pain and left foot arch issues.

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