Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday of pre-race week, 5x5's

1/31 lift box squat 5x295 towel bench 5x245 plus snatches 3x100 and pull-ups with 50lb kb

I also did some rotator cuff exercises.  After my second set on the towel bench, I felt kind of a painful pinching sensation in my left shoulder and this is still bothering me right now.  I also seem to have tweaked the right side of my neck.  I think the neck could be related to the box squats.  When I do box squats I touch the back of the power rack with the bar, but it ALWAYS only touches on the left side, so today, I made a point to touch on both sides.  I don't know if I end up off center or if I have a natural twist to my form or maybe the bar is out of round.  Either way, it felt like forever to lean back enough for the right side of the bar to touch the back of the power rack.  We've decided to keep lowering the box once every 4 week cycle.  This will mean we move less weight on the box squat, but it should help us at the bottom of our regular squats.  I had some issues with my left arm locking out the snatches, I think this is related to my shoulder injury, but we'll see how it feels on Wednesday.

I still can't decide about my run for tomorrow.  I plan to run for about 1 hour, but I can't decide which trail or if I should do intervals.  I'll either run Company Mill without intervals or perhaps run Sycamore with intervals.  I can't decide which would be a better strategy pre-race.  The intervals would allow me to control my effort level, but Company Mill would be a confidence booster if I could have a good run on it.  I think I will probably do Company Mill simply because of how irritated I was on Saturday.  If I can get my pacing right, I might even do my intervals on it.

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