Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Downward Spiral

1/18 lift box squat 3x290+3x285 towel bench 5+1x245 snatches 5x75 and a few attempts with the 100 (no success on the left and one on the right) plus pull-ups and dips

We lowered the box squat down a notch today.  I think this plus the fact that I've lost some weight is starting to really catch up with me.  I haven't looked back to check, but I'm starting string together weeks of missed lifts and a downward trend in poundage.  My plan is to increase my intake of quality calories and maybe change up some of our auxiliary lifts.  I might try to run again tomorrow after we lift, depending on how my knee feels.  It's not great, but it doesn't feel any worse than it did on Sunday before we ran.

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