Sunday, January 16, 2011

This was supposed to be my good knee!

1/17 1.6miles of running on Sal's branch (stopped due to right knee pain)

So it has been over a week and I was itching to try and run again.  Going into the run, the knee was still not right, but the swelling had gone down to the point I had full range of motion and I was moving up and down stairs without pain, albeit gingerly.  Things were going well in the beginning, but the pain and weird disconnected feeling (fluid?) in my knee got progressively worse.  It also seemed to spread from the outer rear to the inner front of the knee, as well.  Around the 20 minute mark I decided to call it quits on the running and walked the rest of the loop.  My plan was to run one loop of Sal's Branch (about 2.75 miles).  I tried to start running a few more times, but even I could tell it was a bad idea if I want to have a chance at being healthy enough to do the 8 miler.  Like a dumbass, I didn't bring an icepack so I wasn't able to ice it until we got home.  I iced until the one pack was melted and have maintained elevation all evening.  I normally rotate through ice packs, but I want to get a feel for how much damage I'm really dealing with from the short run.  My main goal is to keep the fluid out of the knee.  So I'm going to stick with an aggressive elevation plan.  I figure if I can keep the fluid down, my chances for running again in the next 7 days are greatly increased.  I don't know if I will be able to build up my time at all, but at this point I'll be lucky to rebuild back to my performance from a week ago.

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